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Modern Work & Security

The modern workplace is evolving at lightning speed. With
distributed teams, brand-new business models, and complex security issues, having
access to the right digital tools will connect and support employees, encouraging
productivity, engagement, and collaboration. Let us show you how through smart,
efficient operating systems, enterprise-grade security tools, and seamlessly
integrated workplace productivity apps.


There are only a few organisations who are not thinking about the cloud at all or not experimenting with it. The agility, flexibility, scalability, CAPEX savings, architectural, operational and infrastructure uplifts alone can more than justify the move to Azure. But as with all things in the Enterprise IT: the devil’s in the detail. We work with clients to ensure their cloud journey minimises risk and delivers tangible short and long-term benefits along the way.

Power Platform

Having the right business applications can Improve your control over processes and ensure your business strategies are fuelled by real-time insights. PowerApps enables your business to develop cost effective business applications quickly and efficiently. Being one of the core components of the Microsoft Power Platform, PowerApps can also leverage native integrations with other technologies to provide a full end to end user experience.

Our Services

Collaboration & Productivity

The rise of remote working in the first half of 2020 has seen the number of people regularly working from home jumped from 30% to 92%. The role of productivity and collaboration platforms like Microsoft 365  is critical in making people productive, connected and fulfilled. Eighty20 has honed a unique approach to scoping, installing and optimising Microsoft 365 from identity, security & compliance to collaboration using Microsoft Teams.

Modern Desktop

Our reputation for managing large scale 
roll-outs of Windows 10 is second to none. Whether it’s upgrading from legacy Windows versions or optimising standard operating environments, we have a structured and proven approach backed by our team of experienced technology and change specialists to de-risk and own delivery of the outcomes.

Modern Management

Optimising how Windows 10 devices are configured and managed is essential
for organisations committed to remote working. Leveraging platforms such as Microsoft Intune to optimise delivery of software and updates over public networks and reducing load on enterprise virtual private networks. Customer experience and security are key components of Modern Management. Optimise device procurement processes allowing users to order and receive an enterprise-provisioned, secured device, directly from the manufacturer.

Security & Compliance

As organisations seek ever greater flexibility in the way they operate and run, so the need for addressing security and compliance requirements, especially for desktop solutions, becomes mission-critical. Eighty20 provides security and compliance services for financial services, government agencies and other highly regulated clients to ensure their desktop applications and services meet or exceed the required standards.

Identity and Access Management

With remote working, widespread collaboration and networking becoming the new norm, keeping identity and access management front and centre of any enterprise IT infrastructure and strategy. We’ve designed and delivered 
identity consolidation, multi-factor authentication, conditional access and hybrid identity solutions for a variety of organisations, meeting the most exacting standards and mitigating security risks. 

Enterprise Service Desks

Our experience in building and deploying a range of End User Computing solutions means we understood the importance of having 
skilled support staff on-call once a new technology has been roll-out. That’s why we developed a ‘pop-up’ style technical help desk capability that can be
integrated to an enterprises service desk in a few hours and provide level 2 or 3 support of short or long period.

Virtual Desktops

The impact of recent global events has underlined the value of virtual desktop solutions in enterprise environments. Remote working and mobility have driven a need to be able to access enterprise applications everywhere. Our track record and experience in undertaking virtual desktop deployments means we can scope, deliver and run. Whether Citrix or Window Virtual Desktop or VMware, we can help you navigate to the best option and then design, build and deploy.

Enterprise Mobility

Over 20,000
managed mobile devices deployed using the latest device management solutions on the market. Understanding the risks and mitigations required to ensure secure end-user devices is a mission-critical part of any project. Microsoft Intune allows organisations to consolidate management platforms for both mobiles and other devices making management easier for internal IT teams. Make a familiar experience for users when enrolling and deploying enterprise approved applications.  

Application Modernisation

It can be challenging to decide whether legacy software applications should be left as they are, adapted, changed or rebuilt and moved to the cloud. Application modernisation is a critical part of any transformation program. We will guide you through the pros and cons and help you reach your desired end state whether this be in the cloud on-premises or a hybrid approach.

Cloud Transformation

There can be few organisations who are not executing a cloud-first strategy. The cost benefits, Capex savings, operational and infrastructure benefits alone usually more than justify the move to Azure. But as with all things: the devil’s in the detail and we work with clients to ensure their cloud journey is at minimal risk and with tangible short and long-term benefits along the way.

What you get from us.

Eighty20 provides a full end-to-end service capability for our clients. We thrive where we can demonstrate the breadth and depth of our capabilities.

Digital and transformation strategy

Technology transformations usually form part of a broader business strategy or change initiative. We have a structured technology strategy process which validates the expected business outcomes and the return of investment assumptions.

Project management and delivery

Our reputation is built on fast,  efficient and flexible project delivery. By integrating our proven project methodology and reporting dashboard with client’s governance framework, we ensure progress and outcomes are transparent and assured.

Technical competence

From solution architecture to security, infrastructure, data migration, application roll-out and cloud deployments, we have delivered projects large and small to many industries. Our capabilities are founded on accreditations and certification backed by real-world experience.

Change, adoption & training

Realising business benefits is dependent on the success of the change, adoption and training process. Our multi-stream method adopts a mix of strategies and tools, tailored to the needs of each of our clients. Highlighting user satisfaction and productivity gains are core to our approach.

Our approach… will make you wonder why you didn’t do this years ago.

We believe end user transformation projects are often unnecessarily complicated, expensive and time-consuming. We do things differently. By keeping our clients’ core objectives at the centre of what we do, we avoid unnecessary ‘gold-plating’ and over-engineering, the common pitfalls leading to project failure.

We use targeted product-based accelerators to allow our team to commence the design phase sooner and our clients to realise benefits faster.

Delivery you can count on.

Our reputation is founded on delivering outcomes that meet and exceed our clients’ objectives in an ever-changing technology and environmental landscape.

Speed to value

Too many projects fail to meet their intended outcome because benefits appear to be taking too long to emerge Every project we undertake is backed by a business case, detailing measurable outcomes. We always seek the shortest route to delivering benefits. This focuses resource and stakeholders on tangible outcomes and avoids waste.

Client-side experience

Our heritage is in client-side programme management and delivery. We know what it’s like to be on the buyer side of the table and how frustrating it can be when vendors fail to respond to changing needs in projects. This background and knowledge fuel the way we deliver projects – customer-focused and responsive throughout.

End-to-end capability

The ability to take responsibility for outcomes is primarily determined by how much accountability is vested in us. That’s why we set out to build an organisation that covers all the bases from inception through design, delivery, change management and support. Our aim is to give our clients the ability to partner with us, share the risks and rewards.

We love working together with clients. Collaboration and teamwork are in our DNA.

Successful transformation and migration projects are a team effort. A mix of skills and experience harnessed to deliver change and uplifts in productivity, efficiency and a better return on investment from IT. Our culture is one built on the ability to change and flex, to fit in with our clients and do what it takes to get the job done.

How we’ve delivered outcomes.

With proven reliable programme management, an outcomes-driven approach and an awesome team, we’ve completed some extraordinary projects. Here’s a taste of what we’ve achieved.


Don’t take our word for it.
You may want to take theirs.

“I’d like to thank the Eighty20 team for their professionalism and expertise in the management and process-driven migration from G Suite to O365. ​The timeline was tight and extremely aggressive, with little flexibility provided within the business requirements. The project team were impressed particularly in how the partnership was easily formed with our internal and wider technical groups. ​​ How the team went over and above, providing assistance to our project Communication Analyst with technical input and user stories, was outstanding.”

Deon Fleming
Dept of Education

“Thanks goes to the team from Eighty-20 for their professionalism and detailed approach when approaching the design, build and deployment of Windows 10 for SBS. The team did a great job in undertaking options analysis and working within the SBS architectural framework to deliver a foundation for modern EUC ways of working, which we are very happy with.”

Mark Samuel

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If you got this far, we should talk.
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