Cloud Storage Solution

Accelerate the journey to the cloud with AzFlex, Cloud storage on and off your premises

AzFlex Solution

On-premise and Cloud storage subscription service

The Eighty20 AzFlex Solution offers a seamless pay as you go storage subscription service that spans across your premises and in the Cloud, enabling Hybrid Cloud capability, with less cash up front. Free up your cash flow and increase financial flexibility with the right mix of payment, subscription, and usage-based services while you go all-in on cloud.

AzFlex Subscription

Expansion capability to cater for Big Data, Data Lake requirements.
Capability to rapidly modernise into hybrid cloud model.
Move from Capex to Opex subscription model.
Single orchestration, provisioning & management across clouds.
Reduce existing storage costs by up to 50% with automatic data tiering.
Buffer for unpredicted growth with immediately available burst capacity.
Supports multiple storage types and protocols.
Sized to meet IOPs & latency performance requirements for data & applications.
Short term 12 month contract.
15TiB minimum commit capacity.

Addressing Customer Challenges

Finance Department

  • Management of varied costs (capex, opex, IT staff, specialised skills)
  • Addressing skills gap around emerging technology
  • Inefficient and complex procurement cycles
  • Overhead of building ROI/TCO models
  • Adapting to changes in Accountancy regulations
  • Balance sheet optimisation
  • Overhead of managing depreciating assets

Line of Business Owners

  • Unable to meet Line of Business (LOB) demands
  • Developing new revenue streams and business initiatives to meet growth targets
  • Slower pace of innovation
  • Adapting to customer demand
  • Challenge of aligning costs with usage and revenue growth
  • Continual requirement to master new capabilities and gain business domain knowledge

Technology Department

  • Dealing with increasing technology requirements from departments requiring rapid response
  • Constrained by inflexible deployments and limited capacity
  • Falling behind on the curve – Technology Debt
  • Requirement to build infrastructure flexibility with hybrid cloud
  • Keeping current on skills around emerging technologies
  • Unable to right-size infrastructure to accommodate for organic growth
  • Ensuring that the technologies support the business objectives

Proven Benefits of AzFlex

Greater Flexibility in IT Operations
Enabling the customer to manage IT resources or shift to have systems managed by the partner or vendor.
Lower Cost of Delivering IT Services
Reduction in costs of managing IT systems, resulting in increased productivity and efficiencies.
Improve IT and Business Productivity
Improve business efficiency and productivity with better IT agility and data driven decisions and analysis.
IT Agility
Rapid response to changing IT workloads and requirements to scale capacity and performance meeting service level objectives.
Greater Service Delivery
Flexible time period subscription commitment options and more tiering choices for the STaaS solution.
Increase Payback for IT
Leverage data and application workloads for file, block or object storage with the ability to be delivered as a single STaaS solution.
Service Level Guarantees
Solution includes guarantees for high availability, QoS and overall performance.
Enhanced Security Protection
Enhanced data protection and security against ransomware.

Why Eighty20?

We lead with a Cloud Mindset and have a team that have been the customer.

Azure and Cloud Specialists

Dedicated specialists in Cloud Transformation and Adoption. We excel in execution, with a diverse team of professionals across strategy, delivery and support. Providing end-to-end support.
  • Simplify and strengthen solutions
  • Accelerated transformation and adoption
  • Streamline engagement model, freeing up your talent to focus on your apps
  • Increase Compliance and Security

Proven Results

Proven success in delivering benefits on time and within budget for many enterprise clients in the following areas: 

  • Infrastructure consolidation and centralisation 
  • Cloud strategy, migration and optimisation 
  • Flexible, hybrid productivity and security solutions 
  • Customised Change and Adoption programs 
  • Operational readiness planning and process changes 

Better Value

Our Transformation Accelerators and Managed Services accelerate your competitive advantage:  

  • De-Risk your delivery
  • Increase speed to market
  • Unlimited scalability and tailored solutions
  • Faster Product Development 
  • Your talent focused on what matters

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