G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Boral Australia


  • 4, 436, 706, 489 mailbox items migrated

  • 167, 737, 607 documents transferred

  • 4, 334 user accounts migrated

  • 730 shared mailboxes transferred


The Client

Boral is Australia’s largest integrated construction materials supplier. Boral sells a broad range of construction materials including quarry products, cement, fly ash, concrete, asphalt and recycled materials, as well as timber, roofing and masonry products. With an extensive network of sites across Australia, Boral’s leading position is underpinned by around 1 billion tonnes of quarry reserves strategically located close to key markets.

The Challenge

Boral Australia was using G-Suite whilst other parts of the business used Microsoft 365. There were considerable collaboration challenges within the business with two disparate platforms being used. Data sharing was a challenge and users were appearing in both environments resulting in different user experiences and inefficiencies in management of the platforms.

The Eighty20 Solution

Decision was made to migrate to a single Microsoft platform. Our approach was to design a solution so both environments’ identities could be synced. Our approach had two main focuses: ONE – Develop a change program to make everyone aware of the change, train people on how to use the Microsoft products and explain comparisons of how to do tasks in Microsoft compared to Google. TWO – Migrate data from Google including: Mail / calendar / shared mailboxes / meeting rooms, Personal drives, Shared drives, Google sites and Google Vaults.


To achieve this, we approached the migration in a phased approach.

To start, we designed and implemented the identity solution and identified the applications with Google authentication that needed change and planned those with Application owners.


Phase two – develop change program, Build the POC (Proof of Concept) migration and test with friendlies.


Phase three – started the migration with a pilot program that was delivered to the IT department. This was supported with change management communications and training throughout the pilot.




Phase four – Weekly migrations performed out of hours to prevent user downtime supported with a continuous change program.


The Outcome

At completion of the project Boral was operating from one collaboration platform giving Boral staff a consistent user experience. Through the delivery of Microsoft 365, Boral now has a reduction in technical debt, their IT support teams are trained and skilled to support and Boral staff are educated in using the MS 365 platform.

The Feedback

Why did you choose Eighty20 Solutions?

‘Boral completed an extensive due diligence process with shortlisted candidates. Many factors were compared but the team at E20 really understood our pain points well and were not shy to discuss openly the good and the bad from their migrations.’

‘The transparency shown supported their strong commitment and their ability to execute and rise above any challenge set out before them.  After all, every engagement has its surprises. Talking to other clients it was clear that the open relationships allowed early identification of issues resulting in an opportunity to resolve and deliver against the objectives.’

‘I always felt that they listened but challenged where it was needed, and the team at E20 was not satisfied until the entire job was done.’

‘Overall, it felt like a partnership from the beginning where the E20 team and the Boral team became one. A strong drive towards our goals where the plan was visible along the way with consistent check points in demonstrating milestone completion. The team was knowledgeable in all areas required without any attrition along the way. 

Garran Jones, Chief Information Officer, Boral Australia

How would you summarise the experience as a whole?

‘Business partnerships should be mutually beneficial but with a strong desire to deliver for the customer. The team at E20 delivered in spades and the relationship was strong throughout.’ ‘I am a big fan of a proven ability to execute and the team at E20 did just that. 

Garran Jones, Chief Information Officer, Boral Australia

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