Partnership to support DataBench’s goals and ambitions with Cloud Native innovations

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  • DataBench (as a member of the Microsoft for Start-ups program) was introduced to Eighty20

  • Multi-faceted team across various disciplines and cloud native technologies worked alongside DataBench and their chosen technology partners to localise and implement the solution in Australia

  • Solution architected multiple environments with considerations for scale, speed and extensive security, using Cloud Native components including Azure Kubernetes and many CNCF projects

  • Partnership with Microsoft Australia across business, commercial and technical streams of engagement to bring the solution to life



Globally, Data Privacy and Protection requirements are far-reaching, and many organisations are coming to grips with how to digest these policies and legislations. Data Privacy will touch almost every aspect of our lives and our society, and for Australia the Privacy Act 1988 along with the various state and federal laws and the Australian Consumer Data Rights are no exception.

DataBench’s Privacy Discovery and Automation software and advisory services have been purposely designed to manage Data Privacy, Security & Governance in a single dashboard allowing organisations to automate and control tasks required to meet the ever-changing data privacy landscape.

The Challenge

As an early-stage start-up, DataBench were looking for an Australian partner who understood their requirements, goals, and ambitions. This wasn’t a traditional service provider relationship, but a true two-way partnership – and not all service providers were up for such a conversation as it demands a significant time investment. Eighty20 Solutions demonstrated sincere commitment to DataBench’s cause and co-created a partnership vision and roadmap to launch in Australia.

The Eighty20 Solution

Eighty20 Solutions brought a multi-faceted team across the disciplines of cloud architecture, cloud engineering, project management, business analysis and cloud native technologies and worked alongside DataBench and their technology partners to localise and implement the DataBench solution in Australia. This set the DataBench platform up for pilots and production clients – which will drive revenue growth. The solution has been architected with considerations for scale – which is critical in the DataBench growth story as they address a clear gap in the market and to rapidly onboard customers to their platform. The platform has also been built with extensive security controls which is crucial to earn and maintain customer trust.

To make sure the platform would work for them through all transitions, changes and upgrades, we made sure the platform was built resilient and on repeatable infrastructure with Infrastructure as Code with:

Secure and efficient CI/CD pipelines
Streamlined onboarding
Capability to Integrate with third party services and APIs

Multi-tenant SaaS application on Azure, deployed in minutes

Hardened Azure Kubernetes platform with best-in-class security and observability
Global scalability of Azure infrastructure
Enterprise grade security and compliance
Australian sovereign infrastructure

The Outcome

DataBench and Eighty20 started this journey as a 2-way partnership and supported DataBench’s ambitions and goals to set their platform up with scale and growth in mind. The platform has also been built with extensive security controls which is crucial to earn and maintain customer trust in Databench’s product and platform.

The Feedback

Why did you choose Eighty20 Solutions?

Eighty20 was introduced to us by Microsoft, and they complimented our skills so whilst they were focusing on the systems and their optimal operation, we were focusing on building the business for customer uptake and revenue streams.

Paul Muller, CEO and MD, DataBench

How would you summarise the experience as a whole?

Elements that are key to a successful partnership for a technology project are clear communication of requirements, timeframes, budgets, and resources. Working with Eighty20 allowed us to provide those elements and then get out of the way whilst they built and delivered our systems. With regular check-ins on the project status, our confidence on Eighty20’s ability to deliver to our requirements was high. Even when Eighty20 encountered unexpected issues, they worked to resolve the issues leveraging the team’s skills. From our perspective we were delighted with the deliverables from Eighty20. Our systems are now live, and we’ll have no hesitation in using Eighty20 again for our future technology projects.

David Christmas, Executive Chairman and Founder, DataBench

The Technology

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