Helping Independent Software Vendors to bring ideas to life on Azure

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)


  • Fully Cloud enabled, scalable SaaS platform built on Microsoft Azure in six weeks, with continuous delivery and automation powering the solution

  • Multi-tenant platform integrating with single sign-on with customer identity platform

  • Partnership with Microsoft Australia across business, commercial and technical streams of engagement to bring the platform to life


Eighty20 Solutions was engaged by and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the Human Resource Industry to build a cloud based, scalable platform on Azure to help employers manage their remote workforce. 


Delivering a world-class Cloud based solution, that is scalable and auditable on demand, keeping corporates compliant and aligned to Governance. Putting safety first for both the employee and business.

The Challenge

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) startup, our client wanted to build a new remote worker health and safety platform to help organisations coming to terms with the reality and challenges of remote work, exacerbated by COVID-19.

They wanted to build and host the new SaaS platform on Microsoft Azure – powered by Microsoft will the full range of ISV-friendly capabilities and model.

The Eighty20 Solution

Eighty20 Solutions was approached by the client with an incredible platform idea to improve the health & wellbeing of remote workers everywhere by developing an online platform that enabled workplaces to manage the health and wellbeing of their employees, no matter where they are located.
Using our AzInvent solution suite and Eighty20 SaaS Factory, we helped them bring their idea to life using Microsoft Azure. We started by partnering with the team to build wireframes and visual design. From there it was all about the development of the application code and building out the infrastructure as code.
To ensure the platform would work for them through all transitions, changes and upgrades, we made sure the platform was built resilient and on repeatable infrastructure with Infrastructure as Code with:

Built in integration, authentication and authorisation 


Streamlined onboarding

Capability to Integrate with third party services and APIs

Multi-tenant SaaS application on Azure, deployed in minutes

Tailored data model for the business processes and domain

Global scalability of Azure infrastructure

Secure and efficient CI/CD pipelines

Enterprise grade security

Australian sovereign infrastructure

The Outcome

After working together for 6 weeks, our client has launched a cloud based, scalable SaaS platform for their customers which is being actively used by Australian businesses.

The Technology

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