Microsoft Intune QuickStart

Balance security and user experience to deliver Mobile Device Management and Application Management.

Microsoft Intune: 3-Week QuickStart Implementation

The Intune QuickStart Implementation delivers a balance of security and user experience to ensure your organisation’s corporate data is protected while being easily accessible on personal and company owned mobile devices.

3 phases to secure your corporate data on Apple iOS and Android devices:

1. Discover and Design

We start with a rapid assessment to understand your requirements for Intune including managing your corporate data on personal / Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and company owned devices and security standards. We workshop to design your required policies and configurations.

2. Configure Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Next we create MDM/MAM policies to meet your requirements for personal and company owned devices in your environment, bringing our extensive experience in the best practices for securing your data without compromising the end user experience. User guides and technical document are prepared.

3. Pilot deployment

Pilot users are onboarded into Intune and MDM / MAM policies applied to their iOS and Android devices. Workshops and support accompany the pilot to ensure the best user experience. Handover to your BAU support team is provided, leaving you ready for rollout to your organisation.

Secure your corporate devices and data

Configure Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Mobile Device Management policies designed and implemented based on your organisation’s requirements.
Policies enforce enrolment of your company owned Apple iOS and Android devices to ensure devices are secure and meet your organisation’s security standards.
Devices are managed by your IT department with device compliance enforced before accessing corporate resources, protecting your organisation’s devices and data.

Secure your corporate data on personal devices

Configure Mobile Application Management (MAM)
Mobile Application Management policies designed and implemented based on your organisation’s requirements.
Policies ensure BYOD / personal Apple iOS and Android devices meet corporate standards before access is provided to your corporate data.
Your organisation’s data is managed and protected by your IT Department without managing personal devices.

Our Approach

Eighty20 can work with you to tailor the approach and scope. We offer end-to-end implementation and migration services, so no matter where your organisation is starting from, Eighty20 can assist with your Intune deployment and configuration.

Standard Inclusions

Change Management

✓ User guides for BYOD and company owned scenarios
✓ Recommendations and advice

Device Management Profiles

✓ MDM profile for company owned devices
✓ MAM profile for BYOD
✓ Documented policy configuration

Mobile Apps

✓ Office apps available via Company Portal
✓ Microsoft app protection policies


✓ Policies and configuration created in Intune


  • Company-wide rollout

  • Comprehensive change management and adoption strategy

  • Business and stakeholder engagement at each phase

  • Solution design documentation

  • Kiosk device profiles

  • WiFi profiles

  • VPN profiles

  • Certificate profiles

  • App Wrapping

  • Deploying custom apps

  • Deploying in-house developed apps

  • Assessment of existing / legacy third-party MDM solution

  • Migration of users to Intune

  • Migration of policies and configurations to Intune

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