M365 Rapid Health Check

Data driven insights to improve delivery and security.
By conducting a health check we can capture and resolve issues and non-compliance in a cost effective way.

M365 Rapid Health Check

Our M365 Health Check is a low-cost, high-impact service to assess your current and future state. By conducting a health check we can capture and resolve issues and non-compliance in a cost effective way. The outcome identifies gaps and risks, and provides data driven insights to set the blue print and improve future delivery.

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Minimise Risk


Reduce the cost of delivery

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Create a blue print

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Improve engagement

Secure your collaboration environment without slowing down productivity.

Today’s complex, changing and ambiguous work environments add to organisational and team challenges. To be productive, business users need to rapidly create and leverage digital workspaces in Microsoft 365. This includes Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites, Yammer communities, Groups and more. Upon creation of these workspaces, the settings, membership and content require configuration to significantly reduce your risk of sprawl, data leaks and fines for regulatory non-compliance.


To bring stability to collaboration chaos, organisations must find the balance between user empowerment and operational control. This balance drives user adoption while minimising security risk.

Organisation Wide Benefits

Achieve Secure Collaboration

Microsoft has made sharing easy, we can share directly from files, from SharePoint, Teams, or even drop files in Teams chats. Almost every time this happens, unique permissions, and maybe even anonymous links are created.

Data Driven Advice with your Business Context

We analyse the data and make sense of the information taking into account the context of your business. The result is specialist consulting advice supported by the right data and evidence to help eliminate any gaps quickly in your M365 stack together with supporting future business cases if required. This is all delivered in days not months to deliver a fast, efficient, high impact outcome and is affordable.

Specialist Consulting Powered by AvePoint

We assess the set-up, structure and workspaces to capture and resolve issues and non-compliances in a cost-effective way. Our assurance assessment can:

  • Easily identify content exposure – such as content with anonymous links or Teams with shadow users
  • Gather, verify, and maintain accurate ownership and classification of your workspaces
  • Present users with a clear and relevant catalogue of Microsoft 365 services.
  • Build policies based on insights and best practices to enforce your tenant guidelines.
  • Track your risk score over time to demonstrate your Microsoft 365 security posture.

Governance & Assurance

Get the right configurations based on your business needs


Give your users the Teams, Sites and Groups they need, when they need them, all backed by a sustainable, efficient, and secure governance framework.

  • Deliver a wide range of governed services to users via a list of easy-to-understand options.
  • Ensure user actions will not violate content and security rules by automatically reverting out of policy changes in Microsoft 365.
  • Automatically generate a “renewal task” to recertify user access, external users, permissions, and roles.continuous optimisation plan with our consultants


Find, prioritise, fix, and monitor critical content and security policies within your Microsoft Teams, Group, Sites, and OneDrive.

  • Get tenant-wide security reports and actionable insights to reduce exposure of high-risk content.
  • Aggregated sensitivity and activity data to prioritise sensitive content and monitor critical issues.
  • Set, edit, or remove automated policies based on permission data acquired from insights and risk definition.


Solutions to accelerate adoption

Migration | Management | Protection

Our insights help you understand permissions, security, and controls across Teams, Groups, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Find and Prioritise

Aggregate access, sensitivity, and activity data across Microsoft 365. Prioritise issues based on how risk is defined – aligned to relevant regulations and security policies. In-depth insights expose top concerns, whether over-sharing, anonymous links, or shadow users!

Monitor and Fix

Security dashboards highlight risky anonymous links, over-exposed sensitive content, large groups, and more. Drill down for deeper insight into known and potential issues. Fix issues as you go, editing permissions and sharing settings in batch. Plus, surface workspace risk indicators for each tenant with the click of a button.

Enforce and Prevent

Prevent configuration drift with automated policies control. Policies trigger alerts or roll-back of unauthorised changes and risky actions, including Teams name changes, external user settings, and changes to permissions inheritance. Track improvements over time to prove your collaboration is secure.

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