NetApp Partnership

Working together to bring our cloud native innovation, thought leadership, and experience to make
your journey to the cloud smoother, and your operations in the cloud more effective.

NetApp Keystone

Cloud storage on and off your premises, accelerate the journey to the cloud.

NetApp Keystone by Eighty20 offers a seamless hybrid cloud experience with storage services that span across your premises and in the cloud, with less cash up front. Free up your cash flow and increase financial flexibility with the right mix of payment, subscription, and usage-based services while you go all-in on cloud.



Flex Subscription

Bridge to the cloud ​ Cloud benefits on premises. Preserve your capital and improve your customers’ experience.
Hybrid cloud connectivity
Use the public cloud at your own pace and on your own terms. Move to the cloud with a plan.
More storage service options
Base your choices on workloads. Reallocate volumes across performance tiers and across data services on demand.
Outstanding price/performance
Deliver three times more IOPS on block services and up to two times more throughput on file services.
IT operations made easy
Monitor, provision, and orchestrate your on-premises and cloud storage services.
Data tiering
Save over 50% of capacity costs by automatically tiering data.
99.999% guaranteed uptime
Be confident that your mission-critical workloads will stay up and running.
Cloud-adjacent storage services
Maintain control over your data in public cloud resources. Easily transition into Azure NetApp Files and other ONTAP compatible cloud services.
Flexible terms and operations
Start with just a 1-year commitment for a minimum of 100TiB capacity per site.
Nobody does it better
NetApp offers greater flexibility for hybrid cloud connectivity with more robust, integrated data storage service offerings.​

Spot by NetApp

  • Giving your workloads the cloud infrastructure they deserve:
  • Always available, always scalable, always at the lowest possible cost.
  • Embrace the Eighty20 AzWell framework with end to end automation.

Understand, control and reduce cloud costs by up to 90%

  • Make greater use of spot instances
  • Get full value out of reserved instances
  • Provide integrated, actionable visibility to manage cloud spend

Reduce infrastructure operations overhead by up to 85%

  • Simplify infrastructure provisioning
  • Use automated actions to continuously optimise cost and utilisation
  • Automate scaling based on applications needs

Simplify infrastructure for key workloads

  • Reduce complexity of container and Kubernetes infrastructure management
  • Automate infrastructure for scale-out applications

Simple Customer Experience


  • Connect subscriptions
  • Autodiscover, analyse, and monitor all infrastructures and workloads
  • Co-create a continuous optimisation plan with our consultants



  • Define PoC with Test/Dev workloads
  • Track SLA, performance and Savings KPIs
  • Plan a production migration
  • Fund the optimisation project costs with your savings.



  • Connect with your existing stack of IaC and CI/CD tools
  • Use cases expansion – Web, Containers, Big-Data, HPC, Single VMs, etc.


Benefits of the Eighty20 & NetApp Partnership

Path to the cloud
We help you create a roadmap for cloud migration, with eyes on the business case. Focussed on delivering the outcomes you need from the cloud.
Hybrid cloud
We acknowledge that the cloud nirvana is a journey, and are here to go together with you. We will work with you throughout the metamorphosis of your architecture and infrastructure footprint.
Continuous Optimisation
When you operate in the cloud, you have to earn your savings. We bring in the tools, process, and knowledge to make optimisation an inherent part of your cloud strategy.
Architecture to Operations
Our battle-tested IP and reference architectures help you to get the cloud faster, and more sustainably.
Access to expertise
Eigthy20 brings the cloud experience and battle scars, complemented by NetApp’s specialist knowledge and products. Together, we solve complex customer challenges to unlock the value of the cloud, with local Australian talent.
Trusted Advisors
You can turn to us for independent, balanced opinion and advice on cloud strategy and roadmap.

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