Power Platform Digital Factories: Enablers for your business

The Power Platform and Centre of Excellence (COE) are enablers for your business that require strategic intent that goes far beyond simply standing up a COE and / or training your people. Our Power Platform Digital Factory approach helps establish the right capabilities rapidly to unlock the untapped potential in your business, in a safe and controlled way, that scales for your business and people.

Developed for the business and Technology the Eighty20 Power Platform Digital Factories blueprint includes an “Enabling” factory (typically run within IT). The “Enabling” factory owns governance and controls, and establishes guardrails which interact with various Divisional and Operational Factories that have their own capabilities and capacity to digitise whitespace (leveraging re-usable assets) for their respective needs.


1. Build

Helping to rapidly stand up your Digital Factory ecosystem.  Demonstrating value, funding future growth and having a strategy and controls in place from day one. Focus includes tracking value, adoption strategy and making sure you are creating re-usable assets in the operating model.


2. Operate

Either as an extension of your factories or the entire delivery capability. This service is aimed at providing a high-level capability that delivers value fast to support the needs of your business.


3. Transition

We help to transition either the Build or Operate services back into your organisation at the right time. This approach is often conveniently overlooked by suppliers. Our approach is to begin with the end in mind and target an end state of enabling the capability internal to your organisation.


4. Support

Helping support your Digital Factory ecosystem so you can focus on what matters – creating value for the business.

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