Sydney Roundtable

Unlock cloud savings with continuous improvement


Unlock Cloud savings with continuous optimisation.

In today’s business and economic climate, we are seeing unprecedented levels of uncertainty. Organisations are embarking on a Cloud migration and modernisation journey to not only optimise cost, but to improve business agility, enhance resilience, strengthen security and governance, and improve operations.  


The 2022 Cloud Infrastructure Report, conducted by Dimensional Research and sponsored by Spot by NetApp suggests that 63% or organisations surveyed are going to increase the use of cloud and 52% are migrating additional services to the cloud. Yet, our experience working with numerous customers across Australia and New Zealand depict a story of disillusion and disappointment, falling short of the ‘promised land’ – with unexpected cost blowouts, security breaches, and skills shortages becoming blockers.  


We believe that building a continuous optimisation loop into your operational processes is as important to your automation toolbelt as continuous integration and continuous delivery.    CI / CD and DevSecOps provide a fast track into the cloud, but it is equally important to embed continuous optimisation (CO) as a key discipline as part of the cloud program. With FinOps positioned as a central discipline of a cloud program – we see clients obtain detailed visibility, reporting and optimisation of the cloud estate as application and infrastructure continue to evolve rapidly in response to business needs.  


Join us for this roundtable discussion at Café Sydney on Wednesday 24th August, where we will discuss your current roadblocks to success and highlight some of the benefits we have seen for our customers, including:  

  • Improved spend control and visibility (55% reduction in cloud overages)  
  • Creating more innovation budget from savings (30% savings)  
  • Lower non-prod spending  
  • Optimising resource management and visibility
  • Achieving a 700% ROI

WHEN: Wednesday 24 August

WHERE: Cafe Sydney

TIME: 12.30 – 2pm

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