Azure Virtual Desktop:
Validate the benefits

Understand how your organisation can benefit from AVD with higher performance, simplified security & patching and improved user experience.

Experience Azure Virtual Desktop for your organisation

Implementing a secure, remote desktop experience (Azure Virtual Desktop), gives your team access to their online workspace from anywhere, on any device. Allowing them to have the same experience as a local desktop or laptop – whether you are managing your inbox with Outlook, sharing files on OneDrive or collaborating with colleagues on Microsoft Teams meetings. Azure Virtual Desktop is a free service and can be used with your existing Microsoft 365 or Windows per-user license.

Understanding your current Standard operating environment, security model, threat profile and application landscape


Experience AVD with proof of concept devices configured to suit your organisation

Projected risk reduction for your organisation as a result of moving to AVD and simplifying your environment

Make an informed decision with costings for the build & migration to AVD, ongoing run OPEX and cost per device, and the estimated benefits



AVD PoC device


Projected risk reduction report


Business case inputs



Application compatibility assessment & remediation



AVD Pilot / Rollout


Managed Services

Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

Want to get a 210% return of your AVD (WVD) investment? Check out our blog for more information.


Enable secure and productive remote work on any device

Reduce costs of licensing and infrastructure

Protect against outages to stay productive

Simplify IT management

Keep application and user data secure

See how having access to Azure Virtual Desktop can assist your people throughout their day.

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What we can do for you with SimpleAz

We are offering your organisation the opportunity to validate the capabilities of Windows Virtual Desktop and experience the benefits, giving you the opportunity to evaluate if this is the right solution for your organisation using the Eighty20 Solutions SimpleAZ offering. Here at Eighty20 Solutions, we pride ourselves on being a transformation partner who get in the trenches. We work shoulder to shoulder with you, and stay the course, while empowering your organisation to sustain long-term, strategic technology investments, embrace change, and realise benefits – as opposed to leaving you grappling with a shiny new technical debt. When we work together, we focus on three core areas:


  • Proof of Concept or pilot deployment provides critical usage data to help develop the Business Case for Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • Working smarter and faster through Change and Adoption services and communications management.
  • We have already done it, so you get experience continuum and speed.
  • More than 36,000 desktops modernised for businesses of all scales, shapes and sizes.


  • Establish governance practices for oversight on security, compliance, cost, availability and ongoing optimisation.
  • Custom designed security with end to end, zero trust security in mind.
  • Making sure policy compliance is met without overly constraining user experience and autonomy.
  • With technology updates and usage patterns changing, ongoing optimisation will help manage costs.


  • Automations throughout
  • User experience monitoring
  • Security posture management
  • Application rationalisation and packaging
  • Standard operating environments (SOE)
  • Desktop migration to WVD and device management
  • Profile storage optimisation and choice of technology
  • Azure landing zones
  • Connectivity and identity strategy
  • Why Eighty20?

    We lead with a Cloud Mindset and have a team that have been the customer as an ISV.

    Underpinning our approach is a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence – so we can pass on the time, cost and quality  enhancements to you.

    We help you to visualise your new business model and growth avenues with Microsoft and Azure, and then get in the trenches, work shoulder to shoulder with your team, and stay the course, so you can help your customers to sustain long-term, strategic technology investments, embrace change, and realise benefits.

    Azure and Cloud Specialists

    Dedicated specialists in Cloud Transformation and Adoption. We excel in execution, with a diverse team of professionals across strategy, delivery and support. Providing end-to-end support.
    • Simplify and strengthen solutions
    • Accelerated transformation and adoption
    • Streamline engagement model, freeing up your talent to focus on your apps
    • Increase Compliance and Security

    Proven Results

    Proven success in delivering benefits on time and within budget for many enterprise clients in the following areas: 

    • Infrastructure consolidation and centralisation 
    • Cloud strategy, migration and optimisation 
    • Flexible, hybrid productivity and security solutions 
    • Customised Change and Adoption programs 
    • Operational readiness planning and process changes 

    Better Value

    Our Transformation Accelerators and Managed Services accelerate your competitive advantage:  

    • De-Risk your delivery
    • Increase speed to market
    • Unlimited scalability and tailored solutions
    • Faster Product Development 
    • Your talent focused on what matters

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