We believe the power of sharing our collective knowledge, creating connections across disciplines, functions and culture,
and promoting diversity of thought encourages systemic change.

Making a conscious change

Eighty20 Solutions are pioneering ways to be part of systemic change.

Do better_Diversity and inclusion_Eighty20 Solutions

1 | Do Better

We are committed to identifying opportunities for change and acceptance to encourage workplace diversity.

Normalise Diversity_Eighty20 Solutions

2 | Normalise Diversity

We are committed to not only recognising diversity, but to  normalising it. Encouraging diversity as a ‘way of business’.

Seek out opportunities_Eighty20 Solutions

3 | Go Back To 1

We are committed to continuously seek out opportunities to promote a diverse and inclusive organisational culture.

Fostering an inclusive culture

Eighty20 are creating pathways for extraordinary humans who have traditionally been under-represented in technology – raising the bar and being part of the change that we seek.
Systemic Thinking_Eighty20 Solutions

Systemic Thinking

Through pragmatic application, we are focussed on the utilising
diversity of thought to solve complex business problems.

Recognising we are only as strong as our people, we are committed to creating a working environment that utilises and values the knowledge and experience of our employees.

Systemic Inclusion_Eighty20 Solutions

Systemic Inclusion

We encourage everyone to bring their authentic self to work, and are
committed to creating inclusive work environments.

We pride ourselves in building a workplace that is accessible and welcoming to all. Our focus is on ensuring everyone feels respected and safe, as we continue to nurture this culture of inclusion. 

Systemic Change_Eighty20 Solutions

Systemic Change

Change needs to be foundational and promoted across the
organisation, regardless of hierarchy.

For our culture to continue to thrive and to be an employer of choice, we understand the importance of our actions. We value the contribution of our team and will continue to reinforce internal initiatives to promote systemic change.

If you got this far, we should talk. Your business is about to get a whole lot easier.

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