NSW Government
Virtual Roundtable

Data Security and Compliance:
How secure are you?

11AM - 12PM

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Digital Transformation Made Easy: Best Practices for Securing Collaboration and Delegating Administration in Microsoft 365

Government organisations frequently have centralised IT departments supporting numerous lines of business with diverse digital workspace needs.  For many Departments, the business complexity of rapidly managing multiple levels of organisational need, compliance imperatives and governance demands has been accelerated by COVID-19 resulting in clear gaps and risk for IT.
This session provides insights and the sharing of ideas of how other NSW Departments are successfully tackling the challenges of complexity and governance across M365.
A common challenge we see, is they all sit under the same Microsoft 365 tenant and are constrained to the same tenant-wide settings. With native Microsoft 365 functionality, if you disable external sharing for one department or one entity, you are disabling it for everyone else. If you allow Marketing to self-provision a Teams team, you are allowing HR to do it too.
Departments have a different number of users, deal with different sensitivity of information and are overseen by different industry regulations – shouldn’t they have different policies for their digital workspaces?
Join Eighty20 and  AvePoint in this virtual roundtable as we discuss –
  • How to apply the necessary controls following the creation of workspaces to ensure security standards are met, and lifecycle management policies are automatically enforced
  • How to set up granular rules and policies for different departments while ensuring users stay compliant with established governance standards
  • How to lessen IT burden by delegating common non-technical tasks to business owners
  • How to build the data protection strategy needed for the organisation to meet their data retention obligations
  • How to monitor data sharing risks that exist within each entity’s collaboration workspaces in M365
  • How to build data classification labels with automatic labeling based on business rules

Register for this virtual roundtable and gain an understanding on how other organisations have been solving these challenges with Microsoft 365 and AvePoint’s IRAP certified solutions, how you can reach that last mile of security and governance required in a digitally collaborative environment to comply with the data recovery control from the ACSC Essential 8.

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    Bruce Berends
    Senior Solution Engineer & Product Strategy, AvePoint

    Bruce has over 20 years’ experience across multiple technical consulting and management roles, with all these roles touching small to large businesses, public and private organisations, and a wide range of technologies.

    Bruce has a passion for people and loves mentoring and leadership as part of managing highly effective teams. His technical specialties are architecture and solution design of Microsoft solutions. His strengths lie in bridging the gap between technology and business, with exceptional customer relationship skills alongside his technical skills and management experience.


    He has obtained several Microsoft Certifications, and has most recently completed his Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate Certification.

    Neil Griffiths
    Modern Workplace and Security Practice Lead, Eighty20 Solutions

    Neil is a seasoned Senior Modern Workplace Lead who has delivered and managed a high number of Workplace solutions and Products over a span of 30+ years for some of the largest companies in Australia.


    Neil’s experience covers both the customer and the partner managing IT services, acquiring extensive experience and knowledge managing expectations with stakeholders, delivering Customer Centric Services that are cost effective and providing a balance between user experience and security.


    Neil has managed many Digital Transformations and Managed Services, managing multi year contracts that focus on partnering to deliver services that evolve over time enabling the move to the Future of the Workplace model.