Workplace Technology Roadmap

Modernise your user experience, uplift your cyber-security posture and optimise your operations management.

Translating your IT Strategy to Reality​

It is becoming increasingly difficult for many organisations to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape.  While most now have a presence in the cloud, many still do not have a clear plan for evolving and are still weighed down by legacy technology.  Do you have a Roadmap?

Our Workplace Technology Roadmap will assess:​

Evaluate where you are on the journey to a modern, cloud managed fleet.
Identity & Access
Review your Identity Strategy with a Workplace technology lens to ensure you are leveraging all capabilities.
Cloud & Cyber Security
Ensure the application of security to end user technologies is elevated without impacting functionality.
Collaboration &
Data Management
Apply our expertise in seamless collaboration and data to ensure your employees have enhanced productivity.
A holistic view of all your services and technology processes to consider operational improvements.

The Eighty20 Roadmap Methodology​


We start with the FOUNDATION components of the digital workplace which represent a platform enabling the organisation to deliver current needs & adapt to future requirements.


Then we focus on OPTIMISATION of your environment, feature enablement and enhanced user experience and operational management of digital workplace platform components.


Next, we build the INNOVATION capabilities which facilitate efficiencies and future development crucial to the successful evolution of any organisation and its’ technology.

Our Approach

Our experienced team of Microsoft consultants will conduct a two week, intensive assessment to understand the current state of your organisation against industry best-practice and review the existing or future deployment of Microsoft365 products and capabilities such as Intune for modern device management, utilisation of Azure for Identity Management and collaboration experience via Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint. A breakdown of all products, tools and capabilities reveals any gaps, improvements and plans a way forward so you get the most out of your workplace technology.



Standard Inclusions

✓ Cloud Managed Devices
✓ Cloud Deployed Software
✓ Cloud Enabled Patching & Maintenance  
Identity & Access
✓ Primary User Identity & Authentication
✓ Conditional Access Policies
✓ Multi-Factor Authentication
✓ Single Sign-On & Self-serve PW Reset
Cloud & Cyber Security

✓ Zero Trust Recommendations
✓ Cloud App Security
✓ Information Management

Collaboration &
Data Management

✓ Seamless Collaboration across Tools & Apps
✓ Meeting Room Technology
✓ Secure but available data
✓ On-premise to Cloud Migration (Workplace)


✓ Automation & Artificial Intelligence
✓ Monitoring & Reporting
✓ Licensing Optimisation


  • Network Design and Remote Access

  • Server and Application Infrastructure;

  • User Personas and Role Based Access

  • User Access Reviews & HR integration

  • Detailed Identity Architecture

  • Cloud Gateway Mgt

  • IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Services

  • Cyber Security Tools & Integrations

  • Non-Workplace related Data Architecture

  • Backup Solutions

  • Lifecycle Management

  • Strategy & Governance

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