Azure Cloud Managed Services

Delivering comprehensive and responsive support for your critical business systems and applications

AzAssist Cloud Managed Services

Helping you manage, maintain, monitor and continually improve your Cloud environment

Today, customers are quick to adopt market trends and have an expectation for responsive services. Organisations running legacy applications and infrastructure struggle with the pace and rapid scalability to deliver solutions to meet customer demands.

By leveraging our expertise and cloud managed services, organisations can focus on their core business and customers, while we focus on continuous improvement, optimisation and automation and capacity management – ensuring you deliver with agility and speed.

Business Challenges & Solution

Customer Challenges
Technology is a cornerstone for businesses and organisations to deliver goods and services to its customers.  Customers are IT savvy, always using technology to consume goods and services, they are quick to adopt market trends and have an expectation for responsive services.

Organisations running legacy applications and infrastructure are unable to be agile and not able to scale rapidly to meet customer demand.  On the other hand, overprovisioning of technology will result in under-utilisation of systems, lack of operational optimisation and unnecessary costs affecting profitability.

The technology experts within an organisation running legacy systems are constantly preoccupied with managing and maintaining those systems, preventing them from focusing on innovation and driving business outcomes to deliver excellence in technology and customer service.

Partnering with Eighty20 Solutions will enable your business or organisation to leverage the expertise of a technology leader and innovator.  Our managed service features level two and three support, virtual machine operating system updates and patching, proactive monitoring and alert resolution, management of Azure site to site VPN connectivity, backup and disaster recovery management.

Our comprehensive service extends beyond traditional Cloud VM management, it also encompasses management of Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure SQL (all types) and Azure VMware.

We also offer a more comprehensive managed service featuring continuous improvement, optimisation and automation, capacity management and spin up of additional Azure resources, in addition to the base service.

Benefits of Azure Cloud Managed Services

Focus on Operations
Providing support to your team to improve productivity, so you can focus on your core business.
Rapidly shift your business systems to respond to customer and market changes.
Flexibility to expand or contract your virtual services aligned to current demand.
Automate manual tasks, reducing costs and improving speed and efficiency in execution.
Cost Efficiency
As your business requirements change, only pay for the resources which are consumed.
Business Continuity
High availability, redundancy and disaster recovery, allowing your business to continue operations in the event of single point of failure.
Minimising outages by utilising Azure’s Cloud native tools to perform proactive monitoring.
Cloud Readiness
Discovery, assessment and planning in readiness for migration. Initiated prior to onboarding as a managed services customer.
Continual Improvement
Our AzWell assessment of your environment will identify areas requiring remediation.

Why Eighty20?

We lead with a Cloud Mindset and have a team that have been the customer.

Azure and Cloud Specialists

Dedicated specialists in Cloud Transformation and Adoption. We excel in execution, with a diverse team of professionals across strategy, delivery and support. Providing end-to-end support.
  • Simplify and strengthen solutions
  • Accelerated transformation and adoption
  • Streamline engagement model, freeing up your talent to focus on your apps
  • Increase Compliance and Security

Proven Results

Proven success in delivering benefits on time and within budget for many enterprise clients in the following areas: 

  • Infrastructure consolidation and centralisation 
  • Cloud strategy, migration and optimisation 
  • Flexible, hybrid productivity and security solutions 
  • Customised Change and Adoption programs 
  • Operational readiness planning and process changes 

Better Value

Our Transformation Accelerators and Managed Services accelerate your competitive advantage:  

  • De-Risk your delivery
  • Increase speed to market
  • Unlimited scalability and tailored solutions
  • Faster Product Development 
  • Your talent focused on what matters

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