Delivering best-in-class Cloud solutions with ISV providers.

Co-creating targeted cloud solutions and innovative operating models

Unlocking opportunity and accelerating business growth, together.

Focussed on driving change and making a difference, we are committed advocates of Microsoft Cloud ecosystem and recognise the opportunities the cloud unlocks for your customers and partners.

Together, with Independent Software Vendors, we co-create targeted solutions and innovative operating models to solve customer problems and are passionate about delivering exceptional outcomes – allowing you to focus on your core business.

AzInvent Startup Factory

ISV Starter Kit – for your SaaS product

  • Multi tenant SaaS application on Azure in minutes
  • Multi-tenant data model baseline, on top of which you can build your business process and domain intelligence
  • Global scalability and resiliency of Azure infrastructure based in the design.
  • Infrastructure baseline deployed as code through DevOps pipelines. Deploy as many environments as your business needs – at the click of a button.
  • Secure an efficient CI/CD pipeline to keep your code and environments in sync.
  • Enterprise grade security and compliance for your infrastructure and application architecture
  • Australian sovereign infrastructure


Attract new customers, strengthen relationships and enhance performance.

Microsoft Azure delivers best-in-class cloud technology that adapts to how you want to build, the most robust developer ecosystem available, and GTM channels that gives technology partners access to the widest B2B customer base in the world.

Acquire more customers

Scale your business, increase your revenue and extend your reach with Microsoft and Eighty20.
Faster time to market

Azure provides best-in-class cloud technologies with extensive customisability allowing you to code, collaborate and ship from anywhere.
Be nimble and productive

Continuous innovation from Microsoft supports your development today, and your product visions for tomorrow.
Be future ready

Dedicated resources to help you create a sound path forward, with a business continuity plan and world leading security and compliance.

Invent with purpose

Set your business apart from competitors with the right cloud strategy.

Continuous innovation supports your development today, and your product visions for tomorrow. 

  • 1,000+ new capabilities in the last year 
  • Most comprehensive AI portfolio 
  • Limitless cloud analytics for unmatched time to insight 
  • End-to-end mixed reality platform 
  • Cloud Native, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service – you choose your model 
  • DevOps tooling at the ready across your SDLC journey – from plan to code to test to ship 

Commitment to open source, build how you want, and deploy where you want to.  

  • Your language, your tool, your platforms, your app – from Java to PostgresSQL to Kubernetes to Python 
  • AI for everyone 
  • Build and scale apps without constraints 
  • Furthering open source innovation

Integrate and manage your environments with tools and services designed for hybrid cloud.

  • True hybrid flexibility 
  • Secure remote productivity 
  • Run Windows and SQL Server with lowest TCO 
  • Intelligent security and compliance posture management 
  • Broadest IoT ecosystem, with AI at the edge


Get the same leading privacy, security, and compliance standards over 95% of the Fortune 500 relies on and trusts.

$1B annual investment in cyber security with 3,500 global security experts focused on staying ahead.
Azure has more global regions than any other cloud provider (60+). Make global expansion simple.
Microsoft has our products designed from the ground up focused on privacy. You own and control your data.

Why Eighty20?

We lead with a Cloud Mindset and have a team that have been the customer as an ISV.

Underpinning our approach is a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence – so we can pass on the time, cost and quality  enhancements to you.
    We help you to visualise your new business model and growth avenues with Microsoft and Azure, and then get in the trenches, work shoulder to shoulder with your team, and stay the course, so you can help your customers to sustain long-term, strategic technology investments, embrace change, and realise benefits.

Azure and Cloud Specialists

Dedicated specialists in Cloud Transformation and Adoption. We excel in execution, with a diverse team of professionals across strategy, delivery and support. Providing end-to-end support.
  • Simplify and strengthen solutions
  • Accelerated transformation and adoption
  • Streamline engagement model, freeing up your talent to focus on your apps
  • Increase Compliance and Security

Proven Results

Proven success in delivering benefits on time and within budget for many enterprise clients in the following areas: 

  • Infrastructure consolidation and centralisation 
  • Cloud strategy, migration and optimisation 
  • Flexible, hybrid productivity and security solutions 
  • Customised Change and Adoption programs 
  • Operational readiness planning and process changes 

Better Value

Our Transformation Accelerators and Managed Services accelerate your competitive advantage:  

  • De-Risk your delivery
  • Increase speed to market
  • Unlimited scalability and tailored solutions
  • Faster Product Development 
  • Your talent focused on what matters

Developing sustained relationships

We’ve learned the best partnerships in our industry are formed through building trust and understanding. We put as much effort into this as we do the technical and change aspects of our work because we know this defines long term success. 

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