G Suite to Office 365 Migration

Setting the foundations so your organisation can benefit from a more secure, powerful and cost-effective collaboration suite.

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Understanding the business drivers and environment
Detailed report to provide insights into your current environment and migration objects
Phased migration schedule with indicative durations to provide clarity on benefit timelines
Understand what readiness looks like for your organisation to ensure a successful migration

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Migration Planning & Execution

Migration Support

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Case Studies

As part of a Department of Industry to Department of Education Machinery of Government, 550 users in the training services department were still working out of G Suite whilst their colleagues were working from Office 365. This caused a number challenges with separate collaboration systems and access to data.
Boral Australia was using G-Suite whilst other parts of the business used Microsoft 365. There were considerable collaboration challenges within the business with two disparate platforms being used. Data sharing was a challenge and users were appearing in both environments resulting in different user experiences and inefficiencies in management of the platforms.

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