Azure Virtual Desktop

Empowering your people to work from anywhere, on any device, securely.

Due to accelerated change and digitisation, the modern workplace has been redefined. Organisations need to evolve to ensure they retain their competitive advantage, teams and people need to be empowered to drive innovation.


Our unique approach of Strategic Adoption is focused on transforming end user technology experiences by simplifying your on-boarding process, enabling your people to connect, collaborate and communicate from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Rethink how you work

Embrace the power of a modern working and rethink your transformation journey

Overcome the challenges of traditional desktop and laptop systems, enable greater agility and improve speed to adoption whilst reducing infrastructure costs and delivering secure user experiences.

Our belief is high performance and competitive advantage is unlocked at the intersection of an engaged workforce and great technology.
Windows Virtual Desktop
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By gaining an understanding of your business, we help build your plan, set strategic objectives, develop a future roadmap and benefits realisation plans with the future in mind, to enhance organisational performance. Increase productivity in any location, on any device, anywhere (3 A’s model).
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Working collaboratively to accelerate change, we take end to end accountability, forming a hybrid team to implement the change and support your organisation to achieve performance objectives. (Modern Desktop, Data Migrations to M365, Modern Security, Windows Virtual Desktop, Endpoint Analytics and supporting infrastructure.)
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Managed Services

Tailored solutions designed to elevate outcomes, improve services delivered and enhance User Experience. We focus on supporting your business, allowing you to focus on what sets you apart from the competition.
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Change & Adoption

Accelerating and embedding adoption, by managing the change process to achieve desired outcomes. Our change management process will support your team/customers enabling them to engage, adopt and use the change.

Why consider Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)?

  • AVD uses same security as Azure
  • Data is not stored on local physical devices
  • Aligned to zero-trust security guidelines
  • Benefit from the 1 Billion dollars invested in security each year
  • Data and Apps secure
  • Ability to scale up or down hosts in minutes
  • No on premise infrastructure required
  • Windows 10 Multi session hosts
  • Access from any device (Business or personal)
  • Unified user experience and simplified onboarding
  • Interruption free
  • Consistent and personalised experience
  • Decrease logon times
  • A3 Access – any time, any location, any device
  • Increased performance with tailored compute and region landing zone
  • Analytics to proactively fine tune
  • M365 optimised
  • Self Serve integration
  • Self Heal capabilities
  • Automatically change compute needs
  • Auto scale
  • Alerts and ticket creation
  • Simplified operations
  • Reduce usage cost
  • Reduce compute needs based on analytics
  • Increase productivity with increased performance and availability
  • BYOD can be used

Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

Forrester report has shown that ROI with WVD/AVD is 210% over 3 years. With the right management solution and use of the Windows 10 Multi Session hosts, this can be realised with automation to turn on hosts when required, scale up and down on demand, adjust compute requirements based on user needs and maintain a compliant environment with defined lifecycle management. (Citrix / VMWare / Legacy SOE)

WVD Simplify on-boarding

Simplify on-boarding

WVD Secure remote work on any device

Enable secure and productive
remote work

WVD Reduce licensing costs

Reduce costs of licensing and infrastructure

WVD improve productivity

Protect against outages
to stay productive

WVD Simplify IT Management

IT management

WVD Secure data and application

Keep application
and user data secure

WVD Improve collaboration

Improved collaboration
and communication

The Windows Virtual Desktop Journey

We can support you in introducing a BYOD model to reduce overheads, or help you transform your endpoints so they are accessible via any device, or restricted if required, with Microsoft Windows Virtual Devices.


Why Eighty20?

Underpinning our approach is a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence – so we can pass on the time, cost and quality  enhancements to you.
    We help you to visualise your new business model and growth avenues with Microsoft and Azure, and then get in the trenches, work shoulder to shoulder with your team, and stay the course, so you can help your customers to sustain long-term, strategic technology investments, embrace change, and realise benefits.

Modern Workplace Specialists

Dedicated specialists in Transformation and Adoption. We excel in execution, with a diverse team of professionals across strategy, delivery and support. Providing end-to-end support.

  • Simplify and strengthen solutions, focussed on the user experience
  • Early discovery of the application estate, application readiness accelerator and approach
  • Reduce unnecessary packaging rework
  • Implement a tailored data model using our Trackr tool
  • Cost optimisation of the platform
  • Accelerated transformation and adoption
  • Increase Compliance and Security

Proven Results

Proven success in delivering benefits on time and within budget for many enterprise clients in the following areas:
  • Infrastructure consolidation and centralisation
  • Cloud strategy, migration and optimisation
  • Flexible, hybrid productivity and security solutions
  • Customised Change and Adoption programs
  • Operational readiness planning and process changes

Better Value

Our Transformation Accelerators and Managed Services accelerate your competitive advantage:  

  • De-Risk your delivery
  • Increase speed to market
  • Unlimited scalability and tailored solutions
  • Faster Product Development 
  • Your talent focused on what matters

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