Cloud migration and group hosting services

Retail Industry


  • Improve scalability and reduce costs

  • Total Cost Optimisation (TCO) estimation and Cloud platform selection

  • Establish standard patterns and practices that utilised the strengths of the cloud platform



Eighty20 Solutions was engaged by large vendor in the retail industry to improve scalability and reduce costs across its network by moving from their current on-premises hosting environment to strategic cloud environments. 

The Challenge

Our client wanted to improve scalability and reduce costs by moving their applications and data from their current on-premises hosting environment to strategic cloud environments. They needed to migrate all their workloads from ageing on-premises hosting environments to enable them to exit their current data centre.

The Eighty20 Solution

Our client established a hybrid team that included: Eighty20 team members, internal staff and other vendors to blend internal knowledge and consultancy expertise. The team included 16 Eighty20 team members embedded with the 54-member program team. We provided program management, leadership and architectural oversight, spanning the following activities:

Application analysis, rationalisation, and identification of migration candidates


Total Cost Optimisation (TCO) estimation and Cloud platform selection

Infrastructure design, provisioning, and initial validation 

Application / data migration and cutover coordination and management 

Implemented Eighty20 TRACKR solution to track all aspects of application migration lifecycle and facilitating enterprise collaboration in managing the application portfolio data for migration 

Enterprise containers platform across multiple public clouds 

Private Cloud end to end establishment for Hosting, VDI, File Services, Data Protection, Cloud Management Platform, Service Integration 

Network / firewall rules analysis and coordination 

Operational readiness testing and documentation coordination 

Automation for infrastructure and database provisioning in Private and Public Clouds 

Cloud Services Catalogue development in ServiceNow 

Legacy infra decommission coordination 

The Outcome

The E20 team successfully assisted in the complex infrastructure design to support our retail client. This included a very large application portfolio at different levels of support, ownership and documentation.

We helped establish standard patterns and practices that utilised the strengths of the individual cloud platform. These were then automated through standardised CI / CD pipelines and automated lifecycle management processes.

Working with many work streams in a complex environment, we ensured the right solution was delivered for the best possible Return on Investment (ROI) and business benefits.

The Technology

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