Women Rising Program

Overcoming Barriers and Empowering Future Leaders: The Women Rising Program

According to a study from Deloitte presented in December 2021, large tech companies had predicted their female workforce would account for almost 25% in 2022, a mere 1% increase on the year prior. Despite running aggressive campaigns to recruit and promote women, continued progress will likely require renewed commitment and greater effort.

Introducing Women Rising

Microsoft introduced the Women Rising program to us as a way to help unlock the potential of our team both professionally and personally through coaching and community support – breaking down the barriers preventing them from reaching their full potential. Designed to help women overcome these limitations and empower them to become future leaders, The Women Rising Program allows women to articulate their vision and purpose and improve their confidence, resilience, and overall well-being. 

While the technology industry is still heavily male-dominated, the Women Rising program is helping women make a significant impact, including the women of Eighty20. Here’s what some of the had to say about their experience…

The program continually surprised me...


Hannah has seen first-hand how the program has helped her become a more self-aware decision-maker and given her a clearer perspective on her career. The program has equipped her with the skills necessary to handle conflict more effectively at work, be better prepared for challenging conversations, know the critical components for effectively leading change, and know the strategies for changes to have a lasting impact. “For me, the biggest learnings from the program were how I can develop my executive presence and have the tools to make this successful throughout my career,” said Hannah. “I also learned what being an authentic leader actually means and, more importantly, how this can positively impact people around me,” she added.

The 6-month program provides a unique opportunity for professional females to invest in themselves so they can feel confident and empowered in their professional lives. The program takes participants on a journey to explore their true purpose through meaningful work and how to craft a vision for their life by providing the necessary tools, resources, and support they need to confidently step into their power and make their mark on the world.

I am much more conscious of my well-being and how much that influences my ability to be an effective team player.


The Women Rising Program supported Natalie to take the time to reflect on where she was at on her career mastery curve and get familiar with being in a growth mindset. “The program encouraged me to revisit and reassess where I am at in my career to determine what brings me joy and confidence in a role, and I discovered how your internal critic can derail your success,” said Natalie. “It has provided me with a toolkit that I can revisit again and again and connected me to a strong network of women from various industries, backgrounds, and roles. The program has also reminded me how important it is to be my own cheerleader!” Natalie added.

The Women Rising program is designed to help females learn how to create radical confidence, the type you possess no matter what is happening around you. The program will help you develop a strong personal brand that you are known for, invest in a career you love, and build supportive and sustaining relationships.

This is such a fantastic program that helped me unlock my potential and re-think my professional career and personal goals.


The Women Rising Program is much more than just a professional coaching service, which was Aline’s initial thought before starting the program. The participants receive live coaching, an online community where females can connect with one another, and a lifetime of access to evidence-based, tested model training programs. “This program is beneficial so that your self-confidence can find new ground, not based on skills, but on the woman you are. I’ve become more in-tune with myself and aware of my needs”, Aline stated.

Learn how to become an authentic leader through presence and vulnerability, so you can build influence, develop your executive presence, and increase your impact in work and leadership. The Women Rising Program is a great initiative by Microsoft to radically change the face of the tech industry and unlock female talent across the industry and has already had a significant impact on many women’s lives, including those at Eighty20 Solutions. If you’re looking to make a real difference in your career, we encourage you to check out The Women Rising Program.

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