ONE GREAT THING—what we are doing to stay connected

Like so many across the world, we are all working out new ways to stay connected when we can’t be in the same room. For us, we have offices across Australia, and many are facing multiple lock downs and ongoing restrictions. To stay connected, we needed to think outside the box.

As a company, we are known for helping other organisations implement Microsoft technology that supports hybrid work and helps teams to collaborate and work in a way that is secure and can be done from anywhere. While we all navigate the new world, here is how we use these technologies to stay connected as a team and check in on each other to protect our mental health and wellbeing.

We LOVE Microsoft Teams – it is hands down the best collaboration tool for our business. It allows us to communicate with each other in real time (via chat or video) without filling up our email inboxes.

When the greater Sydney lockdown was put in place (our head office is in Sydney), people were managing work and home schooling a lot of the teams’ spirits where low so our Delivery Lead – Melinda came up with a great challenge called ‘ONE GREAT THING’.

Everyone at Eighty20 was given 20 business hours to surface eighty great things that have happened in their lives (no matter how big or small)—see the play on Eighty / 20… but you can choose as many or as little as you want!

The engagement we received from the team (over 100+) across Australia was nothing short of amazing and it got everyone talking about the joy in their life. Ready to give it a shot?


ONE GREAT THING - Rules of play:

  1. Challenge runs for 20 hours. No play outside of business hours
  2. Tag everyone, even better just OPT IN!
  3. When tagged share ONE GREAT THING (include photos if you can) that has happened in your life recently, then tag another person in the organisation to go next.
  4. Move fast – you have 20 hours
  5. Celebrate the wins, reply to comments and engage with your colleagues—joy is contagious.

Here’s what a few of our team had to say about the challenge.

‘That was quite cathartic’

‘Lots of positive vibes – thank you all for sharing’

‘I’m really glad to hear great news from everyone!’

‘There’s a lot of love in this place! Go us…’