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Employees are expecting a consumer-like, frictionless technology experience, no matter where or when they work.

Delivering Digital Employee Experience Management Tools

As the digitally driven shifting economy goes from strength to strength, no one could deny the value of investments in technology to improve customer experience. But with remote working putting employee engagement and retention at risk, the time is ripe for tech to come to the rescue and enhance employee experience.

Do you know if you are meeting your employees expectations?

Employees are expecting a consumer-like, frictionless technology experience, no matter where or when they work.

We have partnered with ControlUp to deliver Digital Employee Experience management tools to help you measure and improve the quality of employees’ interactions with technology in their work environment. 


Real-time visibility across the entire end-user digital experience

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Intelligent early-warning systems identifies common issues that lead to downtime

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Monitoring performance, availability, and productivity metrics


Real-time troubleshooting and remediation solutions


Reduced helpdesk call times and improved productivity


Minimise costs and delight end-users with improved digital employee experiences

End user compute observe and optimise - any device, any location, any application.

Powering the work from anywhere world by delivering smart, easy-to-use solutions built for IT teams. ControlUp’s DEX solution promotes smarter decisions and delivers the work-from-anywhere experience employees demand today.

Key Benefits

Optimise Remote Environments

Unmatched, historical and real-time visibility across your entire end-user environment, so you can monitor and improve the health of your systems, gain architecture-level insights, and deliver the best possible end-user digital experiences for your company.

Prevent User Downtime

Identify common issues that lead to downtime with proactive testing, intelligent early-warning systems and self-healing capabilities – minimising the impact on end-user productivity.

Resolve Issues Faster

Improve IT helpdesk capabilities and deliver better, faster support to remote workers with real-time troubleshooting, remediation and script action solutions.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Monitoring

Ensure IT have the tools and information they need to make strategic decisions that maximise the performance of their environment.


Improved Azure Virtual Desktop user experience

Excessive logon or application launch times, high protocol latency, and bandwidth limitations can all negatively impact the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop user experience. Real-time monitoring detects degradation of UX metrics, allowing IT to proactively optimise desktop environments.

Reduced cost of Azure deployments

Bringing visibility to the cost of your Azure Virtual Desktop resources in a clean, efficient view. In addition to this visibility, you can take action to stop and deallocate machines, optimise session performance of inactive workloads, and shut down your Azure Virtual Desktop machines faster to reduce session timeouts after-hours.

Ensured health and availability

Having a resource become unavailable unexpectedly can send tickets flooding in from end-users calling the helpdesk. Automatically monitor the availability of Azure AD and Azure Virtual Desktop resources, proactively alerting you should an outage occur, giving you a complete picture of the issue.
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Real-time session experience insights

Real-time performance and usage metrics presented in intuitive dashboards. Providing IT teams with a full end-to-end view of the health of their Azure Virtual Desktop environment from the subscription down to the process level.

Streamlined Microsoft AVD Troubleshooting

ControlUp’s unique Virtual Expert™ technology combined with an extensive script library allows IT teams to quickly troubleshoot, find root-causes and remediate issues, either manually or proactively through automation.

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